01 October, 2008

Camera update

I completely forgot to give you guys an update on the Camera Saga. So as you know, the camera went to the Camera Vet quite some time ago. Eventually a man rang to say it was ready to pick up. When we got there, it was a whole new camera, still black, but not my camera, not my camera that had travelled with me all over the UK. I was really a bit sad about that :(.
Anyway, when I got the new camera home, it turned out that it really wasn't as good as my old one, cos even though it had more mega pixels, it had less zoom, a crappier lens and just generally wasn't as good. So I rang the Camera Vet and chatted to a lady and she said, "Yeah that's a really pox-y camera, I'll organise a better one for you" Which she duly did (Note: Thank god for buying the extended warranty).
So I went down to pick up the new new camera, and I'm really happy with it. It has the same quality lens, the same amount of zoom, but it's WAY faster than the old camera. So while I'm still quite sad about the old camera, the well travelled one, but the new camera is nice. Yay :)
Here is a photo of my nice new new camera.

P.S. Always buy the extended warranty!

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Tracey and Huffle said...

Extended warranties ROCK!