28 January, 2009

Holly dog

We discovered that Clara had a lump. Given that she is only 3 I thought it best to get rid of it ASAP. So off we went for our surgery today. I'm sure I was way more worried than Clara. She is currently sleeping beside me and more worse for wear, except for the stitches below.

fuzzy stitches

We also had a grass seed taken out of our nose. It has to have been there for at least (!) a month. No wonder we had a bit of a snotty nose! God! No more dogs! I mean it! No, really (it's OK, I don't believe me either)
grass seed
Sent from my iPhone (originally anyway, but it stuffed up so I had to come and fix it the normal way, from work, in the aircon, the next day!)
P.S. It's over 40ºC today. I am hiding in the aircon and to scared to go into the PC in the hot part of the house

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Tracey and Huffle said...

Poor Clara! Did they say what the lump was?

And is she really three already? I remember when she was a naughty puppy stealing my lunch.