10 January, 2009


Guess what, you can import stuff into your blog from other blogs! I only found that today. So I have imported some posts from an old and unloved blog. It was an idea I had with a friend of mine, who although he promised and promised, never really (ok, not at all) participated. So I have imported the old posts, added a new label (wow, two new labels in a month) and deleted the the old blog (which is why I haven't linked to it here.)

Anyway, some out standing words are:
  • Surfistimacated
  • Moleocular
  • Emerdancy
  • Ambleance

I really wanted to add pronunciation to the list, but when I sounded out how I thought you spelt it, thinking it would be completely wrong, Word reckoned I'd spelt it right! Miricals some times happen..... (can you see the joke in that comment?)


beesknees said...

hmmm, I'm confused

Louise said...

Not for the first time on my blog too I'd note! It must be me...