25 January, 2009

What to do on Australia Day weekend

Well, I have been a very busy camper. Not that I am camping. I am at home, being busy. So far this week end I have painted the ceiling, painted the cornis's, twice, washed all the brushes and rollers, done some washing, made lemon slice, cooked a cake (which I will make in to lamingtons tomorrow), watched two movies and some Star Trek, "Cut in" from the cornis down on to the wall and painted the wall. Oh and washed my hands about a millions times and fallen asleep on the couch for an hour. I have not how ever, washed my feet (I am going to do this soon, right after I have done the "cutting in" and wall painting task again) because of this, they look a bit like this:
my painty foot
You're totally jealous, I can just tell.
Even though up until this point Clara has been helping a lot with this room renovation thing, I have had to chuck her out for the painting. Given that she is currently asleep, I don't think she has minded that much.
I don't think I'll be doing much tomorrow, except the lamingtons of course, cos it is going to be really hot.
Oh well, back to it I guess, I am so buggered.

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