19 March, 2009

My motorcycle is soooo spoilt

Not only has it been to the service place and had new rear tire (which yes, is way more slippery than the old one, but I'm sure it will wear in) new air filer and clutch cable, but it has also been (drum roll please) WASHED! I know, I can't believe it either. I have not be washing it, not because I am lazy in any way, but because there is a water shortage, yes that's it, there is no water to spare for things like motorcycle washing. I had even been feeling quite bad about how crappy it was looking, but now it's dials are shiny, the mirrors are clean and the spider webs are all gone. It's a whole new motorcycle! (even if it did miss it's 30,000km service)
Anyway, what this port is really all about is that next week, we are going on a ride with the BMW motorcycle club, following the Major Mitchell Trail (not a great link, I couldn't find a better one). So, for the next little while, I will be posting to our travel blog. I will be posting from my iPhone, so the formatting will be crap, till I get home to the internet and fix it, and also I won't be doing photos till I get home, as last time I tried that it wall went pear shaped. Anyway, have fun til I return.....

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