08 April, 2009

New Radley bag

I know, I already have a couple, few, alright 3 (and a purse) Radley Handbags, but they are so nice, and when a friend of mine was travelling to London recently, it seemed a perfect time to get another one. You would agree, right? Anyway, here it is:
See? ...nice!


Tracey and Huffle said...

Oooh pretty!

Super Mum said...

You are such a reatil victim - yes it is looooooovley
Since you didn't actually go to London to get it, I know you didn't buy it just for the pretty pink bag it came it

Super Mum said...

oops my typos are getting as bad as yours! I'm meant retail - ie. shopaholic

Louise said...

see, I didn't even notice the spelling mistake!!!