10 April, 2009

so close to finished

Over the last few weeks months, progress on our renovation has been a bit lot slow. There have been some very good reasons for this (fire, weather, motorcycle trip, recovering from all of these) but the fact remains, progress has not been good. My project plan has gone completely out the window (we where meant to be doing the preparation on the 3rd room by now, we still haven't finished the first). Any way, to keep things nice and positive, I just wanted to let you know that the room is now soooo close to finished, I hadn't even realised how close it was until today. So far today, I have:
  • finished the first coat on the skirting (let it dry)
  • sanded the skirting, door frame and window frame
  • repainted all of the above
This means all there is left to do is the inside part of the window frames. I decided that we would do this in a darker blue than the one we already have used. As today is Goof Friday, Bunnings is shut, but I will go there tomorrow and get the other paint.
I know this isn't the greatest picture, but there are others here
I think one of the reason the project had stalled, apart from the factors mentioned above, was that the water based high gloss that we bought was really looking very crap after the first coat. So crap in fact, that I didn't think is was ever going to look any good. This took the wind out of my sails a bit. Anyway, I was determined to finish with it today, and I did. I worked out straight away why it is you do a second coat, it looked way better. I think the end look will now be ok. Maybe I won't even have to get the oil based one for the other darker blue?!??! I'll decide when I get to Bunnings tomorrow.

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