21 May, 2009

I don't use terms

Yesterday I had to explain a piece of fairly complicated, industry specific software for some guys that had never heard of it and have never had anything to do with the specific industry before. As is usual for me explaining anything, about half way through, I heard myself say "I don't use terms". And this made me think a bit harder on this phenomenon.

Why do I do this?
I think originally it was because I don't/can't (be bothered?) remember the terms.
I have found that in a day to day operational sense, I don't need to know the terms.

Good Bits
Almost any reasonable person can understand most things I explain, even if they have no technical background or are unfamiliar with the topic.
People aren't intimidated when I talk on a topic (I hope).

Bad Bits
Technical people can get very frustrated listening to me.
I might not seem like I have a full understanding of technical issues.

What do you think?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes we are both so good at explaining thingamies and whatits! I tend to use a lot of car and truck, and water pipe and fire hose analogies when describing computer systems.....and wave my hands around a lot. Aren't we brilliant!