27 September, 2009

Naughty friend

I have a naught friend, (who has just had a baby) who did the most wonderful and unexpected thing the other day. I had had a fairly crapola had, had just had a bit of a run in with my mother, was really tired and crapped off when I realised that Neil had bought some mail in earlier in the day, some of which was for me. I opened the parcel and discovered a beautiful linen Scottie tea towel. Thankful the person in question had mentioned something was on the way for me in the email to I was able to ring immediately and thank them profusely, not only for the tea towel, but for absolutely improving my whole day!
A few days later, a second parcel arrived with a totally adorable Scottie hair clip, which I have decided is a better as brooch. Here it is:(with my Scottie t-shirt as a cameo in the background)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You have been busy blogging in the lasr day or so.
The brooch is lovely, glad is cheered up your day.
.........er sorry I missed 'the bit of a run in' it must have gone right over my head. may be its best not mentioned.