11 October, 2009

Craft fair

Today I went to the craft fair, the new craft fair, not the old crap craft fair. It was in the Exhibition Buildings, not crappy old Jeff's Shed.

To be honest, it was just a craft fair. I did like the way many of the compertion entries were dispalyed in amongst the stall. I'm not sure how I'd feel about it if it was one of my peices, but it did mean more people saw them. It have the usual issue for a craft show for me:
  • too much scrap booking
  • too much patchwork
  • not enough everything else
But I do think this one had less patch working than the other craft fair. It was big, but I don't think as big as the other one. Anyway, I have not been to the exhibition buildings very a very long time. I have a vague memory of seeming a car show there about 4000 years ago, and that's about it, for the inside at least. I see the outside every day at work. I was very impressed with the restoration job that was done... not sure when (very informative this blog isn't it?) Here is a photoClearly, it dosn't do it justice, but you get the idea.


Super Mum said...

Ooooooooh I didn't know about that one!
But then given my aversion to crowds I probably wouldn't have gone. Yes we did go to a car show aaaages ago and a couple of home shows, way before Jeff even thought of building a shed.
Yes it seems that there are just not enough classy people like us that spend mega $$$$$$ on "everything else" to be worth their while.

beesknees said...

I saw the signs for this craft fair and thought about going to it because I recently went to a Craft Victoria exhibition which had lots of cool stuff, but the website for this one suggested all that usual mumsy, country town craft market stuff: scrap booking (I SO dont get the appeal of this?? reminds me of grade 3 homework); patch work, knitted toys, sigh , so I didnt go. Glad to see I didnt miss out ;)

carolina said...
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