22 October, 2009

When the cats away....

My boss was away for 5 weeks and it was her first week back this week.
While she was away, a few of us had trouble getting motivated. I
personally did very little work while she was away. There was one
particular bit of work I avoided the whole time she was away, which I
felt particarly guilty about.
Any way, during this time, I had a bit of a Facebook binge, worse than
I have had for about a year or more. I was playing so many games it
was nearly impossible to get any work done!
The situation was so bad that I decided I had to go 'cold turkey' and
not even open Facebook whilst at work. Well, today was the end of day
2. I had a tiny laps yesterday, just to harvest some crop and re
plant (I delibreatly re planted with slow growing crops), and then at
the end of the day, but that was ok, cos I had finished working by
then. Today was more sucessfull. Only opened Facebook after 5pm! Yay
me :)

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