11 November, 2009

it's official

Clara, her family, me and my Mum went to the vet today, in what felt like 400°C weather, to get Clara stitches out. (it was really around 33° according to the BoM, the car said it was 38° outside). Anyway, the trip over there wasn't so bad, but the trip home was hell, the air con really wasn't coping for the last 15 or so mins and the puppies were very warm by the time we got home. Clara and the humans were fine.
Anyway, side tracked there with the weather..... The vet has said that the puppies are doing fine and they are, in fact, fat! So we are doing everything right!!!! Yay! :) I have fat puppies... oh, that sounds a bit bad... *snigger snigger*

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