18 November, 2009


wow, I just noticed that there isn't a photo of the puppies on the front page any more (except for yellow, but he's half hidden under Clara) so, here you go:
Aren't the soooo much bigger!
I have discovered that it's quite challenging to take a photo with your own hand in it, to help provide some prospective. Any way, take my word for it, they are very much bigger.

Last night we went to the pub for steak night (I have been eating Lite 'n easy for weeks and needed some 'real' food). We met a person we know there and told her all about the puppies. About half way through the conversation, I realised just how much we sounded like 'new parents'! This is awful, I swore I'd never become one of those people. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Yeah and I sound like grand ma!
Great photo - good to see the progress
luv Mum

beesknees said...

ha ha, sorry my dear but the minute you put the first ultra-sound photo up you were 'one of those people'. he he. so seems its true - its unavoidable!

Louise said...

I know, I was so excited about the ultra sound, then after I put it up I realised what I'd done. Oh well! You should hear Neil and I talking to people, it embarrassing how like new parents we sound. Better not come round ;)