05 November, 2009

Things I have learned so far

  • puppies mean you don't sleep much
  • puppies make me everyone stressed (esp. Clara :()
  • although the ceaserian might have been good for my mental health, it might not have been so great for Clara
  • new born puppies have little tabs for ears
  • tiny little squeaking noises do wake you up
  • I think the puppies are dreaming about barking, even though they can't bark yet
  • puppies have really strong tongues
  • there are as many old wives tails (ha ha ha) about puppies a whelping as there are about childbirth and children
  • the puppies are only slowly learning to wag their tails
  • the puppies like to sleep in a row, like little sausages


Huffle Mawson said...

They're getting cuter! Have you got names yet???

Super Mum said...

Love this photo and no.7 in your gallery. Cute is such an over used word but they really are, and their coats look so shiny.
You are so right about the old wives tales!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Love the "feets" photo in your gallery - I was amazed at those tiny paws when my first Scotties were born.


Dog Twitterer (AB.com) said...

Hang in there. Once Clara gets over the C-section, things should get better.