16 November, 2009

we're still here

I know it's been a few days, and whilst the puppies haven't been busy doing anything other than getting bigger, I have been very busy, and hot. This is all a testament to how much easier looking after the puppies has been. They let me sleep now, which I think is really nice of them. The couple of really hot days can clearly be seen on their weight chat.Unfortunately, not so much on my own weight chart!
I am doing so many things at the moment. I am
  • sewing my final 4 garments for my pattern drafting course
  • knitting a hat, jumper and booties for a friends baby
  • soldering a little project we recently had delivered (follow the link, play the video, you know you want to!)
  • cleaning the house (it all just got to me, hmmmm might be hormonal ;))
  • oh, and watching the puppies at regular intervals!
I will do some updates on all these things as they beome more interesting to look at.
So, on puppy watch there have been no major developments. I think Yellow is getting closer to thinking about standing. We are hanging out for their eyes to open, which should happen any day now. I am going to revamp the weight chat on the right. Other than that, it business as usual. I only have two weeks left of my leave :(

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