13 November, 2009

what the?

*** Warning!! Not a puppy post ;) ***

I don't get it! My blog has been around for a while now. It has many interesting things on it (I think any way). So how come with google analytics, which I have set up because I like being big brother and spying on the people who visit my blog, I get far and away the most visits to my blog, from google, with the search term bacon flavored bubbles? In fact, 5 of my top ten search terms are along this same theme.
What is with that? I made one little tiny post about said bubbles, the post only has one comment on it (Thanks BP, I know you love me), it was a year and a half ago and still that what people want to search to my blog for that. I'm thinking I might have to hit the bubble company up for some money, and put a link to there page on my blog. *sigh*

P.S. The puppies are sleeping, and growing - lots!

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