31 January, 2010


I have just gotten back from a fire deployment to Cann River (what a party town that is) and running the cache for the base camp there. While I was there I had the weirdest 24hr flu thing I have even had. I had a head ache for 48 hrs and 'hot colds' for almost exactly 24 hrs, starting at 7pm ish on Monday and finishing at 5pm ish on the Tuesday. Really odd. Being sick at fire is always a pain in the bum as it involves lots of paper work. All of the paper work in question is is designed to be filled in for injuries, not being sick, so it never really makes sense. Anyway, the deployment went really well, all the people on it were great and we did lots of good work. The equipment cache was a total disaster when I got there and I left it perfectly up-to-date, so I am very happy (and smug) camper.

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beesknees said...

eek, doesnt sound like fun (the flu thign that is) but I'm hoping it wasnt too awful since you didnt mention it the other day. and the rest of what you are talking about is beyond me having never been to 'fire', yet.