26 February, 2010

The potato cake enigma

What is it with potato cakes. You go into the fish and chip shop and you order n potato cakes

   n = the number of potato cakes you want

and inevitable you end up getting n + 1 potato cakes

   number of potato cakes you actually get = n + 1

So next time you go to the same fish and chip shop you think, "Hay, I'll be smart, I only want n potato cake, so I'll order n - 1, knowing I'll get n + 1 potato cakes

   being smart, next visit you order = n - 1 potato cakes

Then the man gives you bloody n - 1 potato cakes and you are now one short!

Arrrrrrrrrr, you just can't win can you?!?!?

1 comment:

beesknees said...

Actually, you know you'll get (or think you know you'll get) n when you order n-1 ;)

but, it is indeed annoying and true across all fish and chips shops in my experience, but its all part of the fish'n'chip fun (although involving neither fish nor chips)