20 March, 2010


Do you recon Milko bars go off?

Neither do I! I'm going to eat it! Even if it is from the Show in September last year!

Note: I search and searched on the interwebs for a page to link to about Milko bars and there is NOTHING OMG interwebs, you have let me down! :(

Note Note: it was yum and not off at all.


Huffle Mawson said...

I don't even know what a milko bar is!

beesknees said...

nah, I dont reckon they ever go off, they're got enoguh sugar and cheimal to last forever. I've eaten similar things (redskins and toffle apple bars - I think they came from old show bags too) that were way older than 1 year, they just got kind crumbly but seemed perfectly edible - I didnt die anyway.