23 May, 2010

Clara update

Last week Clara had to have an emergency hysterectomy. Se was very sad for quite while a afterward,a s she had been quite full of nastiness (I could go into details here about what was wrong with her, but I won't cos it's very yukkie) Then the antibiotics kicked in and she improved out of site. She went back to playing with the puppies and being her normal self, which was a huge relief. Anyway, I am getting a bit worried again, as she seems to have a bit of a lump in the area where the chop was. It seems to be getting bigger, so we will be off to the vet again in the morning I think. I will give them a ring and see what they think at least.
This dog is such a worry!!! Oh NO! I have 4 for them! I don't think I ever get to stop worrying now! All you parents out there, including mine: Wow, I don't know how you do it (after all humans live a bit longer than dogs.)


ScrapsofMe said...

How skeeree! We'll be pawreying for her to be ok.



neety said...

Oh, paw thing! She's so lucky to have such a wonderful mummy and daddy to take care of her.