14 January, 2011

No Camera

Yay I found it!!!! I also found the book I have been missing, the remote for the AC in the back room and all the other things that were beside the bed when we packed it up on Christmas morning! Yay. Neil then proceeded to pick on my packing method, cos the stuff was not on the top of a pile, it wasn't on the bottom either, so I say my method is fine. Anyway, got it and that's all I care about for the moment :)


Ann S said...

Thats great, glad you found it... er why were you packing the remote for the aircon?
No, we didn't get flooded or washed away, but then I know you dont watch the news

beesknees said...

yay, you found it, but does that mean you now don't have an excuse for getting a new one?