27 February, 2011

Long time no sew

So all you regular readers (hello all 3 or so of you!) It's been a long time since I actually sewed anything sensible. I've been slack and uninspired, I can handle that, too bad if you can't.
The other day at work, I saw a girl in a really simple a-line skirt. I decided I should make one. I made a pattern this morning. No worries there. I looked through my extensive material collection and there was nothing that did it for me, that I hadn't already penciled in to be something else, so oh dear, I'd have to go to Spotlight. What a shame. :( but really ;) he he he
I roped Fiona in for the trip, partly cos I thought she'd like to go, partly cos I hate shopping by myself. Then I realised my money was in the car.... with Neil..... at the steam club.... 30 min car trip away. Bugger. I was going to cancel the trip, until Fiona remember she owed me some money any way! Yay :) Off we went.
I would a nice material, I have a feeling it is upholstery, even though I found it in the dress making section.
Half way through making it, I thought "I have a wedding to go to next week and this would be perfect, if only I could come up with something to wear on top".
By the time I finished sewing it up, I had the whole outfit in mind, here's a test run:Some how, not sure how, I have managed to make the thing a little large in the waist, I guess I can run up the edges a bit, but not for the moment. The rest of the outfit is an Intimo top with a scarf I've had for ages. Nice hey? (just don't say if you think it's awful)


Fay said...

The floral pattern in the skirt looks great and the colours co-ordinate really well :)

Huffle Mawson said...

You constantly amaze me with your ability to make clothes. Love the colours.