16 April, 2011

Molly the one eyed westie cross

So there has been a fair bit of pressure from some areas for me to put up a photo of Molly in her newly edited format: ie with on eye. She looks both good and bad. A lot better than I was expecting but still fairly awful. From one side she looks almost normal (if you don't count the bucket hat/Elizabethan colar). From the other side she looks a lot like a chinesse crested dog, with a missing eye of course. The stitching that has been done is very neat. I'm sure that by the time the fur grows back she will look quite in-offensive. Right now..... Not so much.
For our upcoming Eurovision party (gibe me ring if you want to come, it'll be ace) I am thinking we might need to rig some sort of eye patch for her. I know that she will fell a lot better with out the eye, even if she doesn't already.
Any way. I'm not keen to put up a photo, cos she really does look yuk and I don't want to embarrass her. Any one can come and visit if they want to.


Pedro said...

Woofs and licks for Molly from Jasper. xx

Anonymous said...

So glad she's doing well. Only a total nerd would describe their dog having a 'newly edited format'! No we dont need any photos just yet. I'm sure if let her eyebrow grow long enough she will look OK soon.

Fay said...

Great that she is recovering well :)

beesknees said...

Oh, poor Molly. Hope she is already feeling a lot better