15 September, 2011


Why do trainer feel it is necessary to ply the student with chocolates? I have eaten sooo many. They are yummy and it have no ability to say no to them. Today I have had a mini milky way, bounty and a honey comb freddo. Lets not talk about the number of Minties I have eaten. Those things have to be the moat evil lollie, I mean they are great, but really evil. I don't know how I have any teeth left. That reminds me, the dentist sent me a reminder. Oops


Anonymous said...

This sounds really bad........all this comfort food is no good - even if you do need cheering up

beesknees said...

nah, I reckon fantales are the most evil, so tasty, but so capable pf puling your teeth out, and even if you don't want any more you have to keep eating them because you have to play just one more round of guess the celebrity