02 October, 2011


The other day I decided to go shopping on the way to a meeting at the other end of town. I walked the whole way, I really hurt my hip, but that's a whole other story.
When you go caching it is necessary to carry a round a whole lot of stuff. Gps, stamp, pen, treasures, camera, note pad, sometimes even a torch. For ages now my main caching bag has been my leather three compartment backpack handbag. Unfortunately, caching hasn't been very gentle on my bag and I want stop using it before it get wrecked and I can't take it 'nice' places. I decided to look at Crumpler bags. Eventually I found their shop in Melbourne Central. The lady way very nice and helpful and I came away with a great bag. I think it will turn out well. I am thinking of heading out soon to try it out in the field :)

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beesknees said...

a bit late I guess, but did you know there's a Crumpler shop and workshop where they design and make some of the bags pretty close to the office, on Gertrude St. I'm pretty sure they'll even make you a unique custom designed one if you want