19 December, 2011


Recently at work, we have been implementing two new systems. One I haven't heard anything about and I'm not going to address in this post. The other I have been really involved with the preparation of the data for loading into it, and in signing off the data model and the general day to day project management issues of, even thought I am not the project manager.

The firm is seeming to forget, every now and then, that we are the customer. Even though we should know the answers to questions, some times we don't. If we can't give them the answer, cos we don't know, they shouldn't just keep saying, tell us the answer! Today we finally decided we are just going to say 'right we're not going to do that bit anymore' (the bit we don't know the answers about) and the project manager (our employee) got all shitty. It will cost us some money to make a change to the project, but that's normal, IT project especially, change as they go along. I wish she hadn't reacted that way. *sigh*

I have to do a fair bit of work now, trying to manual work out the process we will use, to be able to answer the questions. I can see this ending up in a version 2 (or 3) of the application, if we ever have enough money. *double sigh*

===end whingeing===

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beesknees said...

ugh, sounds crap (although I can't really figure out whats going on), but hope it doesnt cause you too much pain!