26 January, 2012


We had to drive to the Burnley DSE depot today. We were nearly there when we say a tiny possum in the middle of the road, being dive at by indian minors (got I hate those birds) The car in front of us nearly ran over it doing an illegal U turn, but we pulled over and grabbed the blanket out of the back of the car. I picked it up. I was a ring tail, but I surprised how tiny and light it was. I took it off to the edge of the road. I was awake and didn't seem to have any injuries. We offered it it a bit of water, but it didn't seem interested. I think it might have been 'clipped' but a car or fallen from a tree and was a bit daised like birds get when they fly into a window. Any we, we left it in the shade where it was quite hidden away and hopefully it will have been ok. If it was in a really bad way and going to die, it was still better off where we left it, rather than in the middle of the road, where it was only a matter of time before it was run over. So that was my wildlife experience of the day.

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beesknees said...

Oh, poor little bugger, but appropriate experience for Australia day