25 February, 2012


I've meant to post for ages, so I have a bit of a backlog of things to catch up on. Lets see if I can remember them all.
  • We finally had a blind/shutter installed on the west facing lounge room window. Today has been the first really hot day since it went in and so far it's making a massive difference and i think it has proved very worth while.  
  • The scottie club had the black and white match a couple of weeks ago, it was a good day, the weather started off a bit shit, then it turned fairly warm. Guthrie won a ribbon, with some competition, and actually beat another dog! Go Guthrie :)
  • Mum had a birthday party, the first for a very long time, it went off very well.
  • I had a massive day of caching down Hastings way, with Neil. We found a lot, it was very very hot. (ooo that rhymed, I am a poet)
  • I was very clever and worked out how to sync my work calendar to my google calendar, which means it also syncs to my phone!! Yay I'm so clever, Lotus notes sucks.
  • Mum and Kate and I went down to Port Fairy to do glass bead making for mum's birthday present, we all made some pretty beads and and now have a greater appreciation for the ones other people make. it's harder than it looks.
  • Dog school has closed it's indoor venue and is moving to delivering classes in a different format :( not sure how I feel about that yet.
  • Bronwyn and Sarah (my two pregnant friends) are now 2 and 6 weeks weeks away from having their babies, i had really better get knitting!! 
The dogs have been being good. Neil is outside working on someone else's car, on a 37 degree day. Mad.  I have also been good, but my hip hasn't.


beesknees said...

Yay Guthrie!

Oh boy does Lotus Notes suck, as does the piece of crap phone that work gives you (as does Cenitex, ugh, but that a whole other rant), but I am very happy with my email and phone calendar syncing

Glad the glass beading went well, Pictures?

Don't stress with the knitting, I'm sure we can afford to wait a bit after the baby arrives :)

U also spent most of yesterday outside digging up pavers and sand. and is repeating the experience today. Boys are Totally Mad.

Fay said...

Go Guthrie!!!