12 April, 2012

12 on the 12th of April

Today I was reading the Geocaching Australia forum today, because as you know, I am a complete nerd. I found a post called 12 of 12. I had a bit of a read and this is what it's all about. You take 12 photos of your day each month on the 12th. By total random chance, today IS the 12th, so I decided to participate. Below are the photos of my day today.

Me discovering the 12 on the 12th challenge

My cool socks today, even if they are really tight at the top and tend to cut off blood circulation, but only a bit!!

Me waiting for lunch time, tick tock, tick tock

A bit tree out the front of the College of Surgeons near my work

My lunch spot, Madam Brussells Lane

My lunch

Me walking down the street in the afternoon sun

My foot with two acupuncture pins in it (Thanks to Jeremy for talking the photo, I personally can't look!!)

Can you see what is wrong with this picture.  I've always loved this building front

This is a bit of art on the side of a house on my walk home from work, I think it's really pretty

Two of my dogs running towards me in my usual insane greeting on returning home this evening

Not many of these chocolates to go now, but boy they are tasty!!

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