24 February, 2013

2012 Victorian cache of the year awards

Wow, what a turn out for the 2012 Victorian Cache of the Year Awards. Thanks to all the supports, sponsors and attendees. The biggest thanks has to go to the hiders. Without you, there would be nothing for us all to find.

The crowd and red carpet!

BernieH - Winner of best log

gmj3191 - Winner best photo

Dodgy Gorilla - Winner best traditional

Tacklehead - Winner best series

The easter bunnies - Winner best first hide, best Mystery and overall best cache!

Two_drews - Winner best multi

Awards and Prize donations

Best Cache Location Award - Day1976
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT4 digital camera

Best Cache Award - 101geo
$100 Gift Certificate

Best Traditional Award - gmj3191
$50.00 ache

Best Caching Photo Award - geostuff.com
$25 Gift Certificate

Best First Hide Award - Tigersden Caching Goodies
$25 Gift Certificate

Best Series Award - Pathtag Portal
$25 Gift Certificate

Best Log Award - ahmonburg
Logitech M600 Touch Mouse

Best Puzzle Award - MSTEC
Family Pass to 50th SteamFest

Best Multi Award - pathfinder24
Head torch

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