21 July, 2013

caching with the nephew

I had a nice day today, I went caching with Felix to an event called Geo Comp.  Some guys had placed 30 odd caches in a park in Brayside.  We teamed us with Mark, who was just there by himself, but he has two girls, so got along with Felix fine.  We ended up collecting 20 caches and walk about 9km, which was way further than I was expecting to walk.  The physio has said I should try to keep my steps to around 5-7k.  Today I walked nearly 15k.  oops.

Anyway, as I said, A fun time by all and we came 5 or 6th or something.  Not a bad effort for team "Crippled by a laser explosion" (guess which half of the name was mine and which half was Felix's)
Here is a picture of Felix and some dead trees

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