20 August, 2013

Wash day

Today was wash day in more than one way.  Firstly, the other week and the Westie Rescue night, I bought in the silent auction, 5 free dog washes, which is great in principal, but a tiny bit of a pain, since they are for a place in Bridge Road Richmond (ie: not a place you want to go anywhere near on a weekend).
Today I was a 'bit late to work' and took the whole three disgusting little monsters down there and washed them.  The photo below is of 'after' when they are still a bit wet (man were they unimpressed with the hairdryer?!?!) and looking all miserable.  Actually Conner, the one in the front, doesn't look that sad, but her was, really.  Clara is at the back and looks particularly sad.  There was hair everywhere.  When the man came to change the water over after I washed Clara he even said 'yes, she was dirty wasn't she' and that the man in a dog wash place!!! I was completely soaked by the time I was done. I took them home and headed to work, a bit late....

About 5 minutes after I got to work today, my new permanent standing desk frame arrived!! YaY! This mean I had to rearrange my desk and computer and about fourteen tones of shit to put it all in place in a permanent sense.  So I spent most of the day sorting out shit on my desk.  I haven't done it for a while so to say there was a back log was an understatement.  I even found some spray and wipe and cleaned the actual desk!! Whilst tidying, I found a few (alright 8) soy fishes.  Not sure what to do with them, to chuck them seems a waste.


Ann said...

What lovely clean puppies
and a good? day at work.

beesknees said...

hang on, I'm confused, you paid for dog washes but you had to drive the dogs to Richmond and back and you had to do the washing yourself?? What am I missing here?