23 April, 2014


Well, Easter is over and I have returned home more or less alive. I was completely exhausted by the end of the trip, in fact I couldn't do the last hour of driving and had to get Mum and Dad to come and pick me up. I think it was the combination of 5 days in a row with not enough sleep (4-5 hrs) and too much driving (4-5 hrs) each day, plus the extra mental stress of minding the boys. The boys both had a fantastic time, their parents said they were taking about everything they had done for about 4-5 hrs of the 7 hr drive home, until they fell asleep. There were 52 caches for the boys, fire works and Easter egg trail, take away food and way too much chocolate. Here are some highlight photos:
Here are the boys caching profiles: Fekx MrMeƶw


beesknees said...

wow, I am exhausted just thinking about it! but yay you! sounds like a lot of fun all round.
and the t-shirts were a hit I see :)
is he trying to find the border behind that pole? (photo 3)

Fay said...

A Giant Koala OMG!!!