01 November, 2014

Busy busy caching days

Yesterday, my caching buddies SirJ-Oz and sharkiefan and I went to pick up 80 caches along to road to the Otway forest. The trail started outside Moriac and went 61km towards Forrest. 
Here we are. I look a bit fat
This is the road we cached along. 
We went to a dam and it was really windy
This was from lunge time
John and I took a photo!
Here is a field
We made it to the end. 
It was a big day

The today, Sharkiefan and I went to Eyansbury. I was another big day. Even thought it was only 21 caches, there was a 3km walk in there too, which was a bit hard on my hip. Here are a few pics. 

Tomorrow I am heading out again. This time it's SirJ-Oz and I.  We are heading to the Geelong area again, this time to pick up a series of puzzle caches we have solved. Should be fun :)


Fay said...

Hi Louise,
Looks like you had a good time, even if a bit windy.
What is the old wooden thing on stilts?

Louise said...

It was an ancient tank?