28 February, 2007

Bloody bloddy bloody

And didn't we all think things were going sooooo smoothly?

So the settlement for the house is supposed to me on Friday (2 days time) and at 7pm last night (the more calls at 8.30 and 9pm) I start getting phone calls from the solicitor crapping on about the 'stamps office' and this and that form. My total response is 'why is this MY problem?' Then this morning the phone call is I have to organise an independent valuations of the house. So this means I have to spend a couple of hundred dollars so that I have the privilege of paying extra stamp duty to the sodding "stamps" office. I'm just so crapped off with the whole thing; I knew something would come up to make this all difficult at the last minute.

So I have finally been able to get hold of the bank man. I’m not sure weather the whole issue really is a storm in a tea cup, or if he is just not aware of the problem, cos he immediately makes the problem not seem like a problem and he’ll sort it all out. So I’m not sure if I feel calmer or not. Oh well, what can you do? I’ll just go along for the ride and see what happens.

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