26 February, 2007


Clara decided last night that there was something worth all her many years of breeding's attention as a hunter. She was very busy on her little legs running round my room, sniffing and bushing things out the was with her nose. She was esp. interested in my suit case and wine rack, so I move both these items for her. Her interest then transfer more intently to the wine rack. On moving this further, a small black object emerged from under it and scuttled across my rug, Clara was on to this in a flash, and after a few tentative encounters, I managed to determine that the object in question was a cricket. Phew, nothing really to worry about.

It ended up under the bed, which in my case has heaps of stuff under it. Clara did make a number of valiant efforts to continue pursuing said cricket, but to no avail, and she retired to sleep, exhausted, on the end of the bed. On the whole, I think we can say she had a great evening.

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