22 February, 2007

Naughty Scottie Monster

I was out the front of my house the other day with my four legged family (ie: two dogs, one Westie Cross and one Scottie dog) and they were both running round like mad things, as they want to do some times. As the headed towards the front gate, which is always open, I told them not to run off down the street.

Molly, my old much more sensible Westie, changed her trajectory and headed back into the yard. She is such a good girl.

Clara, the much naughtier 12 month old Scottie, looked over her shoulder at me wagged her tail and sprang off into the street. I just couldn't yell at her. She knew exactly what I was asking and just decided she didn't want to. When I told her again, in a much more serious tone, to come back in the fence, she turned around and came back in. She'd had her bit of naughtiness and was happy enough to come back. How could you NOT want a Scottie?

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