19 February, 2007

Psychic osmosis

Who has even has examples in their life of where they are supposed to know something by Psychic osmosis. I have had it happen so many times, I really wish I had that skill. I must put it on my Christmas list this year for Santa to give me.

Today example, which actually happened on Friday was the optometrist. I have glasses. I also sometimes have daily contacts (the ones you wear once, then throw out). I am hoping to go on an extended holiday later in the year and thought it might be nice not to have to worry about my glasses while I'm away. I asked the
optometrist for contacts I could wear for a week, she gave me some fortnightly ones. Good, cool, I can wear them for longer. I had my 'lets just check they fit ok' appointment today.

It was a differently lady and one of the first questions is, 'how is the cleaning going?' 'What cleaning says me?' So, by psychic osmosis, the girl who has only worn dailys, never cleaned a contact lens and has no solutions etc. was meant to know this. The poor lady today was a bit embarrassed about the other lady I think. Oh Well.......... They make me see good!!

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