31 March, 2007

Something I have never done before

Yesterday I had a very boring meeting in Bendigo. (Actually thats not really true, the meeting was fine and it went quite well, it's just I was there was a witness, rather than a participant) So as I had nothing to do, I spent the time writing a short story. Given that I was feeling, shall we say, somewhat frisky, it ended up being a slightly rude story. It's only mostly finished and I'm not sure if a)I'll finished it. b)I'll bother typing it or c)What I'll do with it then. But it was fun (all 15 odd pages of hand written bad spelling!)

The last time I had to write any kind of story was in primary school. It was like pulling teeth because I hated writing and because I didn't read very much at that stage (I only really got into reading in High School) I don't think I knew how it should be. This story just seemed to come out. Think think think, write write write and there you are. Not that this sort of rude story involves all that much plot and not character development. but still I was surprised. Also, unlike in exams, my hand only got sort after about 4-5 hrs of writing, rather than about 40min in an exam. Interesting.

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