28 March, 2007

My kindred spirit

I think I have found my kindred spirit. This girl is me, but she looks different (is more stylish) and lives in Sydney. Today's post on her blog is about annoying things people do in traffic, on PT, in general, and although it makes us both sound like "grumpy old women", I don't care as I am one (except the old bit) So here is my addition to the list:

  • People who call for both sets of lifts (in the tower of two sets) from the basement, when they can only get in one lift, then they get off at the ground anyway!!
  • People who take the lift one floor, haven't they heard of stairs?
  • People at public events who pig out on free samples.
  • People who “push in” in queues
  • People in general (is that too broad?)

Ok, that’s enough of a rant for today, I had better do some work!

1 comment:

Icy said...

Nice blog Lousie, I'd love to see photos of some of the things you've made though.