23 April, 2007

What to do?

Last night I had organised tickets for Opera Burlesque, for myself, my other half, my sister and a friend. I had had a big day and a bad nights sleep. In fact I nearly forgot about it entirely I was so tired.
Anyway we made our way into town and were sitting in a Thai place having dinner (which was very yum) when the phone rang. It was the sister ring to say that she was too tied to come in to the show. "Of course I'll still pay you for the ticket, but I'm too tired to enjoy the show". On the surface, this sounds perfectly reasonable. But when you remember this is a girl of 28, who is an opera singer herself and who a few years ago wouldn't have missed a show like this for the world; I personally begin thinking "What’s going on here?".
I am very concerned for my sister. She seems to develop a new persona for every person she hangs out with, she develops interests, looses other interests, gains friends, looses others etc. Last time she did this, she got a point where it was all too much and said "I need time on my own to find myself!!" I am concerned she is doing it again. What if she gets to 40 before this realisation happens again?
My main question for today is I seem completely unable to communicate this to her in any way that would sounds some or all of preachy, bitchy, knowally, older sistery, or generally CRAP. What do I do????

P.S. The show was great!

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