21 December, 2007

Christmas cheer

We had our work christmas lunch at a local pub. I had forgotten to change my shoes before I left, so I worked down in my Motorcycle boots, this meant I was rather warm by the time I got there are the way was very humid. So I took my boots off. When we all went to the bar to order, I had this stoopied bar man come up to me and in the most awful condescending tone tell the that they could serve me until i put some shoes on. On I have no issue with putting shoes on, re: oh&s issues etc... But there is a WAY or asking this sort or stuff, and a tone to use, or in this case not use. I got soooo pissed (probable unreasonable but it was too late by then) I got someone else to order my food and decided not to order any drinks, even though the plan up til then was to get throughly sloshed. Fuck them for being as Grinch-ie as me for the christmas season!

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