21 December, 2007

Christmas Parties

Christmas time, a time of hanging out with family, and drunken work colleagues.
Well, the family bit isn't happening for my side of the family this year, due to stuff, but the work side is.
Last Thursday was the SV christmas party, which was fun, see my photos for evidence.
Last night was the NRMS/GHC drinkies, which I rode to on my motorcycle. Unfortunately, there was a distinctly Qld style down poor as I was riding there. I arrived VERY wet. I have decided that there is nothing more miserable than sitting on your motorcycle, in the traffic, not moving in the rain whilst wearing all your summer riding gear. I can't believe how wet I was, both inside and outside my riding gear.
Today is my group and works lunch. This should be good. I actually like the person I had to get a chris-kringle for, which helps. It's at the pub and no one plans on coming back to work. Then I go home on the tram/bus, to home for more drinkies and Neil's first go at smoked Kangaroo for tea!

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Anonymous said...

Oo, sounds like your work is far more festive than ours. Our pseudo Christmas party turned out to be an 'industry event' from 12-2 on a Monday and everyone went back to work afterwards, boo! there are drinks tonight but I'm in a bit of a conundrum because people I like will be going but its at the house of my nemesis. what to do what to do