10 February, 2008

Black and White dog match

We have just come home from the Black and White dog match which is held every year at the Berwick Highland Games. There was an excellent turn out of Scotties this year. Including one I have met on Facebook, plus some of Clara's family and favorites from previous events.
I got a little sunburned, (god dam I always for get the sun cream,) and I let Neil control the photos, and he never takes enough, but here is a link to them anyway!


beesknees said...

wow, you really are an internet stalker arent you? meeting scottie dogs on facebook!

beesknees said...

are you and Neil the only ones that bothered to dress with the theme?

oh dear, that beard!

Louise said...

I know the beard is awful, it's only that he keeps threatening to turn it into a 'porn' mo that makes me almost like the beard.

No, there were heaps of people there in kilts (admittedly no other dog people) pipers and hangers on galore.