12 February, 2008

Generally pissed

I'm not feeling ace at the moment. I'm kind of generally pissed and a bit down. The is a fair bit going on, and I've had a few bad things happen, so it's kind of reasonable, but I hate feeling like this.
Shit things of the moment;
  • work is not making me happy (nothing new here)
  • got a knock back for job I had applied for
  • thought someone I knew had been offered a job I had been told I wasn't allowed to apply for (turned out to be false alarm, which was a big relief)
  • I am currently learning something new, and it's hard. I haven't done anything new for a while and it's a bit of a shock
  • Neil is away at the moment (well kind of away, but he's busy and doing lots of travel, then he's going to Tas)
  • I'm getting (more) depressed about being fat, I really hate that I'm obsessing over it
  • I got sunburnt on the weekend, and it's irritating
  • Mum picked on my spelling
  • I got upset by a flippant comment recently
  • The stupid dog judge reconed the scrappy westie was better than Clara
  • I'm sick of being tired

On the plus side, I like my new glasses, I have an Intimo party to go to, I met a dog from DogBook on the weekend and it's payday this week.

I must keep my 'chin up'

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beesknees said...

Oh no! thats all no good. but think about how good it will feel when you've mastered the new thing you're learning, I'm sure it wont take you long - thats always fun (I know, I know, I'm a dork). I've still got red skin from sunburn I got on Boxing Day, it sucks, mostly 'cos I know I was stupid, again. Flippant comments are so annoying 'cos you try and ignore them knowing they were either said by stupid people or probably not meant to be insulting but they get under your skin nevertheless (I really hope it wasn't anything I said).
I was going to ask whats an Intimo party but I'm guessing its like a tupperware party but for 'intimates' - underwear or kinky stuff? anyway - yes, buck up! life is good, really