05 February, 2008

The hurty dog and the clingy dog

Molly had to have a tooth out today. Apparently, since she woke up from the drugs, she sooked. I notice on the vets documents that he 'discharged' her at 11.30am. I picked her up at ~6pm. No wonder they were happy for her to go home!!! I could hear her at the front counter of the vets. Poor Molly.
Here is Molly's hurty paw from the drugs:

Clara on the other hand, had her first day at home by her self. She wasn't too happy when I got home either. She wouldn't let me out of her site! She had to sit on me all the time!! So for most of the night, which was fairly humid, I had two dogs sitting on me. Aren't I lucky. I should be more careful what I wish for, I 'd been thinking for ages (before Clara came on the scene) how crap it was that my dogs don't like sitting on me :)

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