06 February, 2008


I was "cruzn'" the web yesterday and found this survey. So I filled it in this morning.....

The Year That Was 2007
age turned this year?:31
best memory?:UK holiday
worst memory?:Hating new job
did you stay in a relationship?:Yep
great people you met?:Velvet, Tracey, Danielle
longest road trip?:6 weeks in Scotland and England
best place visited?:Scotland - all of it (Except Inverness)
worst place visited?:Shefield
earned any new names?:nope
biggest challenge this year?:Paying for holiday
how many moving violations?:what the?
how many parking tickets did you get?:none (no car helps this!!)
how many subjects did you take?:none
what were your grades?:na
did you moon a cop?:no
new best friend?:no, bit of a grade 2 concept
person you wish you became closer to?:no
any awards?:no
did you sleep through your alarm?:almost everyday!!
did you lose or gain weight?:hoping for lose, realistically, gain
did you break any bones this year?:no
sports played?:ooooo yuk
what do you hope for 2008?:new job, puppies, more happiness
new love for food?:the vegetarian pie
kiss anyone?:yep
dance in the rain?:nope
have you change?:again, what the?
how was your birthday?:small, hmmmmm dalek cake
any snow this year?:no
did you lose any family members?:no, gained some though
did you disappoint anyone close?:hope not
did you sleep under the stars?:no
pretend to be happy?:a bit, but only at work
did you keep your new years resolution?:making them is just too much hard work
did you leave the country?:yayayay First Time :)
are you moving in the new year?:no
did you lose anything expensive?:no
learn anything new about yourself?:yes
found out who your true friends were?:no
made a change in your life?:yes, only buying a house
did you stay up til sunrise?:ooooo yes, BAD idea.....
do anything you regret?:no
go to any parties?:yep
make much money?:never enough
did you keep your job?:yep
did you attend a funeral?:no
gain any new family members?:yep, a whole family
get a new car?:no
develop any health problems:what more?? Don't i have enough already?
end up in hospital?:no
attend a concert?:no
travel out of state?:no
read any books?:Yes, heaps, mostly ones I had read before
sign up to facebook?:Yes
eat anything that you never had before?:Yes, tofu
did anyone develop feelings for you?:eh, who could be bothered
attend church?:no
favorite day of the year?:gees, it was a while ago you know!
least favourite day of the year?:see above
was 2007 a great year, an average year or a bad year?:Great, one might even say ACE!
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beesknees said...

I think Queensland counts as travel out of state. yay to great years!

Louise said...

crapola, I forgot about that trip. oops :)