31 March, 2008


o no you are lost
what ever will I do now
ah but you are found!

Oh this post seems like it is on the wrong blog!!! But no! This haiku is about my phone, which I lost, cos it was going flat, and just as we started to ring it so we could find it, it went completely flat!

At first I didn't care, I wasn't concerned at all. Then I started to think I was going mad, the ringing came from the corner of room where there is no stuff. So I started looking in stupider and stupider (ooo i love that t-shirt!) places. I wasn't appearing. I had to be some where, phones don't vanish when their batteries are flat. So today when I got home from work I just kept looking and Yay!! I found it! (it was in a cardboard box we had gone and picked up/stolen from work on the weekend :) )

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