01 April, 2008


Our new table and chairs arrived today. It's even nicer than the one in the shop, as not only does it not have scratches all over it, but it is of even nicer timber.
We were putting it together this morning, naughtily before I came to work, and Clara was sitting on it, just watching us screw the legs on (it was upside down, hence the dog on the table was very similar to the dog on the floor) The only problem was, once put together it was too heavy for me to be able to help Neil turn it over. We had a re think, left two legs on, turned in, propped it up and I went to work, leaving Neil to put the other two legs back on. We also had to make little squishie feet for it, as the ones that came with it weren't ace.

Addition: The finished product


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Tracey said...

the table is lovely!