13 September, 2008


I don't think I am a natural gardener, but the herbs at the fruit shop are expensive an seem so wasteful that I just have to try, and also, it was on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. That task pretty much completed, I have decided at I should post any other garden stuff on here instead. Here are the results of today's gardening effort:

At the back we have the re-potted mint, still not looking great, but that is a way bigger pot now, so I'm thinking positive. Next is the Italian Parsley, which looks great and is really tasty. It's doing really well when you think how small it started out! Then comes the two new Thyme plants, one lemon, one plain. Finally there is the new coriander plant. Buying coriander from the fruit shop is one of the banes of my existence (no I am not being overly dramatic) asit NEVER lsts more than a day, you only ever need a tiny amount and the rest ends up going mouldy! Grrr. Any way, as the parsley went sooooo well and coriander looks similar, I though I'd risk it. So we'll see how it goes ;)


Tracey and Huffle said...

My parsley is going great guns. The coriander, not so much. Good luck!

beesknees said...

good luck! I gave up on growing herbs after the possums and turkeys repeatedly ate everything last time. but since there are no turkeys and not so many possums where we live now (and have for about 1.5 years) its probably time I tried again. any tips?